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Uses the most advanced text-to-speech and speech recognition technologies, Cognify allows you to listen to documents – lecture notes, worksheets – any text based document really. Cognify can be used by students, teachers, educators, colleges, universities, schools. But not just listen to documents, you can pause the document and then dictate your own time-stamped comments. This is great if you want to review your course or lecture notes or your draft assignments maybe.
Cognify is also great for professionals who need to provide feedback on the work of others like draft letters, contracts, legal documents. Professionals can listen to a document, pause at any point and dictate their comments like - ‘you have forgotten to add this’, ‘this is not quite correct’. This means that you can work hands-free.

For teachers and lecturers, Cognify does a lot more

The benefits of Cognify are that you can work or study ‘hands free’ without the need to see the screen or use a keyboard – just listen to something and dictate your comments and answers.
Cognify is especially helpful for students with extra learning needs like dyslexia where they might struggle to understand a piece of text. Students can ‘play’ the same piece of text as many times as they like, just by clicking in the place in the document they want to listen to again. Students can also change the speed at which Cognify reads documents.
Cognify has been partially funded by UfI Charitable Trust (ufi.co.uk) through its VocTech seed funding initiative and is a collaborative effort between WellSource and Pembrokeshire College.