Sport Wales

Vision for Sport

The Vision for Sport has been created following a vibrant national conversation with organisations and individuals in every part of the country.

The Vision

An Active Nation Where Everyone Can Have A Lifelong Enjoyment of Sport.

The Mission

By doing this we can unleash the benefits of sport for everyone.

Learn more about the vision for sport here. Watch this video about Sport Wales

Go to the Sport Wales website and answer the points below in your own words.

Sport Wales website link


1st Question

What is the vision for sport in Wales? (watch the video on the website and read the text to support your information)

2nd Question. Summarise the information on the website for each of the sub questions below:

2a. Summarise the info about: "Uniting a proud sporting nation"

2b. Summarise the info about: "Every child hooked on sport"

2c. Summarise the info about: "A nation of champions"

3rd Question

What does sport Wales actually do?

4th Question. Find the diagram below on the website and fill in the boxes.

For your convenience, here's the link to the Sport Wales website.

4a. Vision Statement?"

4b. Aspirations (2 total)"

4b. Priorities (5 total)"

5th and last Question. Say a few words about the following board members and their roles:

5a. Chair - Lawrence Conway

5b. Vice Chair - Pippa Britton

5c. Professor Leigh Robinson

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